Curriculum Vitae

2017: Upcoming Solo with Scott Livesey Galleries 2017.

BORN: 1973, Melbourne, Australia 
EDUCATION: RMIT, BA Fine Art Painting (Honours 1st class) 2006
Lives and works in Gippsland, Victoria


2016: Recent Paintings       Scott Livesey Galleries, Melbourne
2016: Animal Kingdom               Boom Gallery, Geelong
2009: Installation               'Mine' Kids In Olinda
2008: Paintings       Bsg Melbourne
2006 The Cluster Series               Ballan Pannen Gallery Melbourne
2004 Paintings                   Intrude 2 Melbourne
2002 Williamsburg  NYC, USA
2002 The Crayon Affair         Toronto, Canada
1997 Inside The Green Room  `          Roar Studios Melbourne

2016  Summer Salon  Scott Livesey Galleries, Melbourne
          Summer Projects III         Boom Gallery, Geelong
          Of Colour and Light         Yarra Sculpture Garden, Abbotsford
  MW Foundation Ball         NGV, Melbourne
2015 Group Show                         Anita Traynor Fine Art, Melbourne
2014 Peace Of Art                  Fenton and Fenton, Melbourne
2012 Half Cut Upstairs at the Napier , Melbourne
2010 Exploration 10         Flinders Lane Gallery, Melbourne
2009 Paddington Art Prize               Sydney,  Australia
2008 Art Melbourne         Thierry B Gallery, Melbourne
2007 Art Melb & Sydney                   Thierry B Gallery,Melbourne                                                       
2006 Metro 5 Art Award          Metro 5 Gallery, Melbourne
2005 A4 Exhibition                 Gasworks, Melbourne
2005 Flesh vs Machine        Incinerator Complex, Melbourne
2004 19 Australian Artists               Holden Gallery, North Carolina USA
2002 Photography       Spike Gallery, Chelsea, NYC
2002 Tres       The Broome St Gallery Soho, NYC
2001 Celebration Of Possibilities      The Broome St Gallery, Soho, NYC


Getting to Know Vanessa Oter, 2015
Studio Critical Interview with Valerie Brennan, 2014
Herald Sun, Melbourne, Jeff Makin Review 2006
Herald Sun, Melbourne, Jeff Makin Review 2006
Mountain Expiress Arts and Entertainment, North Carolina, USA 2005
UN Magazine, Well, It's a Gesture, Isn't it? Vol 7, 2005
New York Times Waltzing in Winter, 2002

Metro 5 Art Award, 2005, Finalist
Paddington Art Prize 2009, Finalist
Pleysier Perkins Art Award, 2010 Finalist